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About The Snark Factor

“The Snark Factor is a fun oasis in a desert of boring. Fingers brings an upbeat and welcome sense of humor to politics-as-usual. Where would we all be without him?”

—S.E. Cupp, Host of Unfiltered on HLN, NY Times Bestselling Author

“The Snark Factor is the coolest show with the coolest host(with the coolest name), Fingers Malloy. If you’re missing TSF, you’re missing out on life.”

—Monica Crowley, Former Fox News Contributor and Online Opinion Editor, The Washington Times

“I do a lot of media and I consistently have the most fun every time I appear on The Snark Factor. Fingers produces a show with a great balance of humor and news insight very rarely found in any media these days.”

—Carol Roth, NY Times Bestselling Author

“The liberty movement needs more shows like The Snark Factor. It’s informative, it’s funny, and it’s as cultural as it is political. Too many shows talking politics and policy sound as exciting as John Kerry reading The Economist. TSF is the opposite because it’s unpredictable. It’s like being on Meet The Press, if Chuck Todd had a day-drinking problem.”

—Matt Kibbe, President of Free the People

The Snark Factor is a weekly show that airs on WAAM Talk 1600AM, 92.7FM Ann Arbor. You'll hear unusual takes on the latest news and entertainment from host Fingers Malloy. Sarah Smith and The Snark Factor Players join in on this unique talk show.

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